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this population …….

Dienstag, März 26th, 2013

this population should actually be my solution!
but without exception ….. they are a never ending problem ……

darwinian selection >

Dienstag, Januar 1st, 2013

homo sapiens ?

the diagonal abosite of ……. the greatest catastrophies > money can buy !

just look at your president > making 17 trillion to your national debt >
buying all the votes ….. for all those catastrophies >

the greatest being > to keep the economy going > red hot !
meaning the waste going red hot ….

just look at your president of your company
looking for the greatest catastrophies money can buy

to be selling the greatest catastrophies money can sell ….
to keep the climatic collaps coming up your neighborhood drive way ……

just look at all the women around you >
selecting the greatest catastrophies their beauty can fetch !

just not be thinking about all …. on your own …..

the aspirations of this population being …….

Mittwoch, September 26th, 2012

as seemingly successful as possible!
as hypocritical
…. legally >
as environmentally
hostile > contemptuously heedless!

so it goes only to the sham> enslaving citizens
quite freely !

and without a possibility to be complaining ……..

what we have to do > now >

Montag, Februar 27th, 2012

the first and only priority today ….
is saving the planet from all the masses of insanity !

not to free them from all constraints
not to cherish their destruction !

be cause if we will not change all these insane into homo sapiens
meaning entities with wisdom

we will be at the end of all humanity at the end of this centrury

the green land ice shield is melting rapidly because >
of all the soot … all this burning of kerosin
and all the other useless burnings are causing !

and if we will not do any thing about green land > be coming all green
we will have > a whole lot of feed back starting >

all the methan ice on the ocean floor will be coming up and heat up ….
all the gases in the now perma frost will be going into the air !

and all this now dark surface >
will be heating up the planet more and more !
till all the ice on this world will be gone at the end of each summer

untill all the oceans will be becoming dead
where only hydrogen sulfur bacteria will be living in
and producing deadly hydrogen sulfor gas to kill all

first at the coast line > then ever more inland
till only at the highest ranges
there will be life possible for millions of years

maybe ….. or none it all !

galactic development >

this is the planet of insanity !

Dienstag, September 6th, 2011

where such on overwhelming majority is so insane >
that insanity is in power ….

and can not be stoped by anyone this time >
so this world is doomed …..

by the end of this century !

the religion of the galactic nation

Mittwoch, Juni 29th, 2011

all religions established today on this planet ….
where not ment for the modern homo sapiens !

but for their ancient societies ….
with their totally different reality !

this is the reason >
for writting up this extension of those acient religions
since modern society does obviously not work with out !

since we need a new explaination for all things …
to solve the problems of today !

the religion of the galactic nation  …..

the age of stupid

Freitag, August 20th, 2010

when I was 3 ….. I had been noticing > this woman said a lot of stupid things ..
so one day I told heir > she should be checked out !

then it got worse > all the other people around me turned out to be > stupid !
every native of this planet
I met ! ….. till this day !

the whole world ….. every body > stupid !

and lately ….. I had been hearing about an english movie ……
and now I found searching the inter net > the age of stupid < the movie !

first I thought … this was a stupid title for a movie !
but now … I think it fits …. perfectly ….. this age of being all stupid

now … I am not perfect …
I have been doing a lot of stupid things in my life !
drinking decades back … smoking even …. eating stupid things …
watching stupid movies in search for some thing right !

driving around in stupid cars all over the world
be fore there was the fast way to do this via the net …..
in search for inteligent people ….. in europe … in north america ……..
or sailing in monos … tris … cats ….. I even had a stink pot ones !

but as soon as I noticed … some thing was stupid > of no use ….
I have always stoped doing …. it !

but the people on this planet dont stop doing stupid things ! …..
or do things right and easy ! … when they should know better …..

and if there was no internet …..
I would have been sailing around the world the past 10 years >
searching every harbor ….. any anchorage …
I would have come accross > for inteligent life ….

and I most likely would have found ……..

so this 2. hand 486 in 1999 with windows 95 on it > was neither good or bad ….
it was as much as all the pentium pcs …. all the later oss … all those
applications > just nothing ….

since all this does not change any thing about > this being the age of stupid !

the limits of darwinian evolution !

Montag, Juli 13th, 2009

every group ….. every society selects only those > helping them to stay criminell !

selection of the fittest ……… ?

to spoil the environment …. wasting all the resources ….
causing a new great flood ……

and every one just pointing this out … is “ insane “ …. will be going into exil ….
prison or to a psychiatric institution … if not just getting ill and dead !

since if the population would listen to them … value them …….
there would be no catastrophe ……. and with out catastrophies

what would the powers do ?

this all means ….. that we can not have a homo sapiens race on this planet ….
but a competing mass of criminal ….. apes ….

being at the very least …. passiv about this so obiously wrong ful doing !
meaning there can not possibly be a future coming up ….

only through a continous stream of discusions >
could the basis for a functioning plan be worked out !

because reality is present then to evolve such from ……


the truth

Donnerstag, Mai 7th, 2009

……… if a people have lost their touch on reality
because one fantasy has been competing with the other vanity >

to the very aim of enslaving every body to create one catastropy after the other

then there is no real discusion possible !

and with out any real discusion ….
no inteligent plan for the future will come forward !

and no body within this society can do any thing about this >
because the masses of insanity will force any one to conformity
to simple slavery

so any help has to come from the out side
having the capability to force the truth upon ……

the greatest animal story ever !

Sonntag, April 12th, 2009

……… considering womens aspirations ………

where she is always selecting the finest animal available !
all along up to a licensed wolf … with a tag around its neck !
meaning the most willing irresponsible ness >

then this can be only the planet of the organized horror !