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to care about his own environment ….

Dienstag, Dezember 28th, 2010

should be for a sane individual ... the first priority !

but why ... can this population ... be so insane ?

wasting all their planetary resources
flipping their climate around
so no human will be able to walk on earth soon ?

iqnoring all solution !

for the same reason >
the dodo on mauritus couldnt learn to fly again
once he had lost this capability ....

because he was a product of darwinian selection ... not sanity !
he could not make the transition from bragging about
to caring about his own survival ... living inteligently ... 

as well as .... the " homo sapiens " .... can not be wise !
since as soon as he is ....

he is no longer an accepted individual in any society !
since all those societies ... accept only ... 
dodos ...


cherished problems

Montag, Dezember 27th, 2010

all the problems on this planet are created by man !
or their solutions known are iqnored ...

the employe is not going to work to solve problems >
but to be creating new ones ....

the company doesnt solve the problems
but is creating ever a new string of problems

charity is not solving any problems >
but has been creating problems ever since ....
it has been caring about creating new problems !

because iqnoring the source of all problems 

and any nation is not solving the problems of this world
but is the cause of all the problems ...

just think ! 

not one problem ... with out any population ....

this planets environment should be saved ….

Donnerstag, Dezember 9th, 2010

and this would be so easy !
if this native population ... was not the result of darwinian selection !

meaning ... 

they all have been able to survive in this environment
and because of this fact ....

they are un able > to save this very environment !

since darwinian selection has no provision for such
its not inteligent ... its no conception of any inteligence !

but just survival of the fittest >
to destroy the ... rest ... of the environment ....

just look at the " winners " on this planet > they are the onces >
loosing the environment most of all !

and the loosers .... ? ... what could they .... do ....

unite could they ... learn to be homo sapiens they could !
saving their world ... they could ...

but they are slaves to satan as well ...
just as the darwinian  " winners "

praying to " god " .... about helping them to destroy the planet ! 

braging about their comfortable death .... their freedom of dying ... 

so they are all loosers ... all this planets natives !