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letter to > the international criminal court

Mittwoch, Juni 3rd, 2009

> counsil galactic central <
special mission to planet earth
> inteligent life <

to >>> Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor

Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

regarding : genocide – crimes against humanity and war crimes

…………. this population is not wise ….
is not the homo sapiens race they are calling themselfs

but are competing bandits …
where one criminal is more or less cleverly getting to a position of power

to rob out the planet resources in a 100 years …
when they should be lasting at least 100 million

causing by the way a new great flood …….
being up to 70m high … not the predicted ~ 70cm

so un less you will be doing some thing about this genocide soon >
the nederlands will be gone ……….

but what could be done about this crime against humanity ?

when either some one is not interested in preventing it !
or in no position to do so !

and who is guilty of this great crime against humanity ?

obiously …
the higher up they are positioned the more they proven them selfs ……. as xxxxxx

so we should put those on trial as in the nurnberg trials > top down !

actually … at least half this worlds population is plainly criminal
the other half too stupid the be ……. out on the loose ….

to create their own destruction !

because …. ones half the worlds population is gone or home less >
there will be end less war crimes commited
on both sides !

the “ aggressors “ trying to establish some new existence
and the “ defending “ population on higher ground ……

till the whole planet is wasted ….. and only a few will be left ……
because near the end > nuclear weapens will shurely be deployed !

only you could prevent this …. by starting to prosecuting every idiot

talking about having ever less work to do was a problem !
because this is easy to solve > every one
working less hours >

using the rest of the time to care about their planets future …..

a member … 20090527