what we have to do > now >

the first and only priority today ….
is saving the planet from all the masses of insanity !

not to free them from all constraints
not to cherish their destruction !

be cause if we will not change all these insane into homo sapiens
meaning entities with wisdom

we will be at the end of all humanity at the end of this centrury

the green land ice shield is melting rapidly because >
of all the soot … all this burning of kerosin
and all the other useless burnings are causing !

and if we will not do any thing about green land > be coming all green
we will have > a whole lot of feed back starting >

all the methan ice on the ocean floor will be coming up and heat up ….
all the gases in the now perma frost will be going into the air !

and all this now dark surface >
will be heating up the planet more and more !
till all the ice on this world will be gone at the end of each summer

untill all the oceans will be becoming dead
where only hydrogen sulfur bacteria will be living in
and producing deadly hydrogen sulfor gas to kill all

first at the coast line > then ever more inland
till only at the highest ranges
there will be life possible for millions of years

maybe ….. or none it all !

galactic development > www.galacticgenesis.org

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