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the more I research on nutrition …..

Donnerstag, April 5th, 2012


the more I am finding > that it is the variety
of the millions of compounds the human body needs !


and some tiny things make him ill and death !


like salt is not the problem > its the pure salt with out >
all the minor ingredients > meaning >
using sea salt is the only way to go !


or this aluminum > with all the vitamin C you are taking !
in all the canned goods …. as a preservative …


it gets into your brain > accumulates there  ….
and will be creating alzheimers in the end !


no aluminum foils > no aluminum cans > no pots !
and dont let the aluminum lobby ….


or your juice > as good as fruits are >
your orange juice can get you diabetes >
be cause the fibers of the oranges are missing >


and those are the cleaners of your intestines !
and as well will slow down your digestion …..
since having less over all content

meaning you will not have as much of a blood suggar peak !


so … make your juice > but dont throw out the rest
put it in your oat meal !


and eat it at the same time > with the juice > in the …. oat meal !


or fats …. we vitaly need fat > but not the stuff you get at mcd !
olive oel could be the best > or freshly made oel from olives or avocados
because they not only have the right kind of fat in them


they have as well all the parts of the fruits them selfs !
including the seed ! … in apples > cherries > in any thing !
the most important ingredients of them all ….


or any sweets …… will kill you for shure
but ribose …. having more carbon atoms in >


are vital for your atp production > meaning your energy !


so …. get all the stuff > whole wheat > whole rice > tomatoes !
and dont fry any thing > just cook it > steam it >
add your oel after > and dont throw out the water >


containing > the best of it !

Allium ursinum > first harvest here after the winter !

Mittwoch, April 4th, 2012