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effort ….

Donnerstag, April 25th, 2013

traditional sailing regattas … do not work on fundamental performance >
with how much effort > do I sail the fastest any where ?

but they limite the length of the boat >
and there …. the trimaran > the selection !

and not the principle which is the most effective !
where the effort limited  …..

say only 1000f ² sail area at your disposal >
then the proa would win hands down ….

therefore it was also the choice of oceania !

a dugout …. to make … was a huge effort >
so it followed > that the principle > needing as little .. as possible … effort
and as quickly as possible running the 1,000 miles ….. was the selection !

thus …. only one long hull  !
contrary to the creation of  todays > nearly unlimited efforts

like …. the formula 1 racing …. should really give out only 1 gallon of gasoline to all !
then they should compete with > how far they are getting with this !

this competition is of course …. already …. happening !

and just imagine > the 250 gpm car > has been around for a long time!
not only this > but > the 2500 gpm car and more …..

but on these insane events …. they are 10 gpm and less !
and so of course …. you can … only one …. meaning > your world ….. laying to waste !

galactic design



cherished problems

Montag, Dezember 27th, 2010

all the problems on this planet are created by man !
or their solutions known are iqnored ...

the employe is not going to work to solve problems >
but to be creating new ones ....

the company doesnt solve the problems
but is creating ever a new string of problems

charity is not solving any problems >
but has been creating problems ever since ....
it has been caring about creating new problems !

because iqnoring the source of all problems 

and any nation is not solving the problems of this world
but is the cause of all the problems ...

just think ! 

not one problem ... with out any population ....

letter to > the international criminal court

Mittwoch, Juni 3rd, 2009

> counsil galactic central <
special mission to planet earth
> inteligent life <

to >>> Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor

Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

regarding : genocide – crimes against humanity and war crimes

…………. this population is not wise ….
is not the homo sapiens race they are calling themselfs

but are competing bandits …
where one criminal is more or less cleverly getting to a position of power

to rob out the planet resources in a 100 years …
when they should be lasting at least 100 million

causing by the way a new great flood …….
being up to 70m high … not the predicted ~ 70cm

so un less you will be doing some thing about this genocide soon >
the nederlands will be gone ……….

but what could be done about this crime against humanity ?

when either some one is not interested in preventing it !
or in no position to do so !

and who is guilty of this great crime against humanity ?

obiously …
the higher up they are positioned the more they proven them selfs ……. as xxxxxx

so we should put those on trial as in the nurnberg trials > top down !

actually … at least half this worlds population is plainly criminal
the other half too stupid the be ……. out on the loose ….

to create their own destruction !

because …. ones half the worlds population is gone or home less >
there will be end less war crimes commited
on both sides !

the “ aggressors “ trying to establish some new existence
and the “ defending “ population on higher ground ……

till the whole planet is wasted ….. and only a few will be left ……
because near the end > nuclear weapens will shurely be deployed !

only you could prevent this …. by starting to prosecuting every idiot

talking about having ever less work to do was a problem !
because this is easy to solve > every one
working less hours >

using the rest of the time to care about their planets future …..

a member … 20090527

email to seti >

Dienstag, Mai 26th, 2009

…. its not ….. this population being un believably ……. stupid !
or their in ability to even lead a discusion about their many problems

let alone coming forward with any real solution …….

its this bragging about their only quality ….. their highest priority !
being prout …. being such in famious in habitants of the universe …..

so ….. thanks ….

for all the information on your system space sensors going now intra galactic …….
but ….. we already know all about you ….. being here for the last 26k yrs !
so … there is no need to send any more messages ….

and …. there seems to be no way ……..
to prevent the up coming catastropy on this planet !
since your population ….. has not the capability for ….. preventing it !
and we have no direct power over your destiny >

regarding seti ….

you will never receive a transmission from any of us via rf or light waves >
because we simply dont use them for any other then regional planetary purposes !

and those low power applications will never leave any system …..
and even on a global / system level the delays with rf / light links are negativ …..
and on intra or especially inter galactic distance communications >

they are for any purposes to great !
only im material link communication is with out delays !
going in seconds ….. for billions of light years ….

and ……..

no inteligent civilization can be interested in communicating with you >
since your whole “ way of death “ is simply annoying !
being all about > use less ness and destruction ……

I wouldnt even send this …. being gone long ago !
if I hadnt still this planet earth body ….. after the end of my mission !

and to confirm our findings …….. being ….

if we ever wanted to show our children …. how >> not << to do things !
we simply would show them any of your doings >

but ….. we have no need to traumatize them ……..

conclusion >

there is no search for …… any inteligence on part of this population !
let alone wanting a ….. ceti !

but just this all pervating aspiration ….. to perpetuate this planet earth insanity ………