a question on christmas ……

Dezember 23rd, 2013

how do you do this ?

compete with these idiots > to crucify jesus ?
putting down taxes to a senatus populusque romanus ?
to be glorifing mother mary !

to have an eduard snowden on the run !
a julian assange years in confinment !
a corporal manning …..

your entire quality > not to have ….. any …..


telling the truth …

November 4th, 2013
about a crime the government is committing
is not only .... not a crime > 
but a neccessary action of every citizen !

and any " law " saying other wise > 
is just another crime of those masses of insanity ....

thinking they are right !
when they are all wrong ....


effort ….

April 25th, 2013

traditional sailing regattas … do not work on fundamental performance >
with how much effort > do I sail the fastest any where ?

but they limite the length of the boat >
and there …. the trimaran > the selection !

and not the principle which is the most effective !
where the effort limited  …..

say only 1000f ² sail area at your disposal >
then the proa would win hands down ….

therefore it was also the choice of oceania !

a dugout …. to make … was a huge effort >
so it followed > that the principle > needing as little .. as possible … effort
and as quickly as possible running the 1,000 miles ….. was the selection !

thus …. only one long hull  !
contrary to the creation of  todays > nearly unlimited efforts

like …. the formula 1 racing …. should really give out only 1 gallon of gasoline to all !
then they should compete with > how far they are getting with this !

this competition is of course …. already …. happening !

and just imagine > the 250 gpm car > has been around for a long time!
not only this > but > the 2500 gpm car and more …..

but on these insane events …. they are 10 gpm and less !
and so of course …. you can … only one …. meaning > your world ….. laying to waste !

galactic design



this population …….

März 26th, 2013

this population should actually be my solution!
but without exception ….. they are a never ending problem ……


darwinian selection >

Januar 1st, 2013

homo sapiens ?

the diagonal abosite of ……. the greatest catastrophies > money can buy !

just look at your president > making 17 trillion to your national debt >
buying all the votes ….. for all those catastrophies >

the greatest being > to keep the economy going > red hot !
meaning the waste going red hot ….

just look at your president of your company
looking for the greatest catastrophies money can buy

to be selling the greatest catastrophies money can sell ….
to keep the climatic collaps coming up your neighborhood drive way ……

just look at all the women around you >
selecting the greatest catastrophies their beauty can fetch !

just not be thinking about all …. on your own …..


the aspirations of this population being …….

September 26th, 2012

as seemingly successful as possible!
as hypocritical
…. legally >
as environmentally
hostile > contemptuously heedless!

so it goes only to the sham> enslaving citizens
quite freely !

and without a possibility to be complaining ……..


there is the catastrophic oatmeal ……

September 25th, 2012

the instant variety ….. where the blood glucose value can be peaking fast!
diabetes ….

then there is the >> whole oat meal !
that being only crushed ….. and they are healthy …….

because of their slow digestion !
and all the fibers …..

berries !

Juli 30th, 2012


cooking oats with water and sea salt > add olive oel and berries direct from the garden

and you will be set up for many hours ……

if a population …..

Juli 24th, 2012

is united in the addiction ….. in the aim of being a spoiled pest !

then it doesnt matter much under what system the are governed by
because one way or the other > they will be bragging about how righteous
and successfull they all are …..

there while destroying their very own future
and every human they can lay their hands on !


the more I research on nutrition …..

April 5th, 2012


the more I am finding > that it is the variety
of the millions of compounds the human body needs !


and some tiny things make him ill and death !


like salt is not the problem > its the pure salt with out >
all the minor ingredients > meaning >
using sea salt is the only way to go !


or this aluminum > with all the vitamin C you are taking !
in all the canned goods …. as a preservative …


it gets into your brain > accumulates there  ….
and will be creating alzheimers in the end !


no aluminum foils > no aluminum cans > no pots !
and dont let the aluminum lobby ….


or your juice > as good as fruits are >
your orange juice can get you diabetes >
be cause the fibers of the oranges are missing >


and those are the cleaners of your intestines !
and as well will slow down your digestion …..
since having less over all content

meaning you will not have as much of a blood suggar peak !


so … make your juice > but dont throw out the rest
put it in your oat meal !


and eat it at the same time > with the juice > in the …. oat meal !


or fats …. we vitaly need fat > but not the stuff you get at mcd !
olive oel could be the best > or freshly made oel from olives or avocados
because they not only have the right kind of fat in them


they have as well all the parts of the fruits them selfs !
including the seed ! … in apples > cherries > in any thing !
the most important ingredients of them all ….


or any sweets …… will kill you for shure
but ribose …. having more carbon atoms in >


are vital for your atp production > meaning your energy !


so …. get all the stuff > whole wheat > whole rice > tomatoes !
and dont fry any thing > just cook it > steam it >
add your oel after > and dont throw out the water >


containing > the best of it !